Creating a Django development environment

Install basic tools

$ sudo pacman -S      \
    python-pip        \
    python-virtualenv \

Load virtualenvwrapper

$ source /usr/bin/
$ echo /usr/bin/ >> ~/.bashrc

Create an env for a project called pao_na_chapa

$ mkvirtualenv pao_na_chapa -p /usr/bin/python2

Install Django

$ pip install Django==1.6

Create a Django project

(pao_na_chapa)$ django-admin startproject pao_na_chapa
(pao_na_chapa)$ cd pao_na_chapa
(pao_na_chapa)$ ./ syncdb --noinput
(pao_na_chapa)$ ./ runserver

At this point, should be accessible in the browser

Activating the virtualenv

It should be executed for every new shell session

$ workon pao_na_chapa